DIY Thief-Deterring Coin Purse

Last weekend, my parents left their car door unlocked.  This was clearly taken as an invitation for some random robbers to enter the vehicle and confiscate my mom's car purse (with a bit of cash, for when you just need a Diet Coke)  and their minor league baseball tickets.  Totally unreasonable.

As a result of this unfortunate event, I made my mom a new car purse.  And, as the title of the post alludes, it's thief-deterring.

I feel like that's appropriately specific.

I feel like that's appropriately specific.

To make this purse, I used two pieces of 100% cotton fabric, a 7" jeans zipper, white and teal thread, and white embroidery floss.

I started by drawing the words on the blue fabric in pencil, and then tracing them with a basic embroidery stitch.  


Once I had the words embroidered, I cut out a circle to applique to the front of the purse.  The diameter of the blue circle is 5", with a finished purse diameter of around 6".

I took this opportunity to cut the rest of my fabric.  Since this is a swanky lined purse, I have the two chevron pieces for the outside, and the two blue pieces for the inside.  All four circles have a diameter of 6.5".

To attach the appliqued block to the front piece of the purse, I first pinned them together, and then used white thread and did a fancy star stitch (on my Janome, it's a stitch number 23), keeping the edge of the presser foot lined up with the edge of the blue fabric around the circle.

Star stitch

I also traced the very edge with the teal/blue thread for additional security, and to minimize fraying.

The next step is to attach the zipper.  Full disclosure: I don't know the proper way to do this, and I did not use a zipper foot (though I think that I have one).  So this is my figure it out as you go along (and try to remember the way that a girlfriend showed me to do it ages ago) process.

Start with the zipper most of the way open, and take your front inside piece and your front outside piece.  Lay the front outside piece face down on the face up front inside piece (fabric sandwich bread).  With the zipper facing inward, pin the zipper to the edge of the two pieces in the middle of your fabric sandwich.


Sew the zipper in place, approximately 1/4" from the edge of the fabric.  Sew the first 4" or so, and then stop, so that you can move the position of the zipper pull (close the pull, so that you don't need to sew over it).  Finish sewing that side of the zipper.  Repeat on the opposite side.

And if you're like me, this will require removing the zipper, because you put it in upside down.  Not helpful.

And if you're like me, this will require removing the zipper, because you put it in upside down.  Not helpful.

The zipper is really the most challenging part.  But, once that's done, all you have to do is face the two outside pieces together, pin all four pieces together, and sew along the edge. Super easier.


Once you've sewn around the edge, trim the edge to approximately 1/4 inch, and flip your purse right-side out.  Yay for a new purse!


On another note, dear readers, consider this official notice that I am committing to being totally finished with the stairs by the end of this weekend.  I am committing to this not so much because they're almost done (I don't think that we're quite to that point yet), but because my travel schedule is about to get hectic, and I NEED this crossed off my list.  So, expect updates.  And some awesome reveal pictures, coming soon!