DIY Framed Wall Art

Let's start by imagining that DIY is all about the journey, and not about the destination.  We have to imagine, because it's only partially true.  However, I'm choosing to take a more Zen approach.  Why might that be, you ask?  Well, it might be because I worked quite diligently on only two projects this weekend (this one and this one), and failed to get either of them to a point where I feel they're ready for the next round of photos.

So instead, I turn to one of my best friends, who made some pretty sweet wall art this weekend.

Wall Art 1

See, a while ago, she got a whole bunch of these frames from World Market.  But for a while, they hung empty, in place, waiting for something that would both look awesome and coordinate with her curtains/bedding.

Empty Frames

After a mostly fruitless search, she opted to go ahead an make something more customized to her vision.

DIY Framed Wall Art

Materials: Pretty paper or fabric; acrylic paint; foam brushes; and stencils, lace, or doilies.  Large stamps would also work well for this craft.



  • Using whole sheets of paper or pieces of fabric as the base, position the stencil.  Depending on the size of the stencil, you may want to lightly tape it down, or use a repositionable adhesive, like this one.
  • Dip your brush in the preferred paint, and then dab off the excess paint on a paper towel.  The goal here is to ultimately dab very little paint on to the actual stencil, thus preventing big globs of paint to disrupt your pattern.
  • Wait a minute or so after each painted relief has been completed before removing the stencil or doily, to prevent smudging.
  • For some frames, you may want to use more than one piece of paper.  In these cases, attach the base pieces as desired prior to painting, to ensure that everything lines up appropriately.
  • Once the paint has dried completely, trim your paper or fabric to fit each frame.
  • Rehang, and stand back to admire your awesome new wall art!
Easy DIY Framed Artwork!

Easy DIY Framed Artwork!

Thanks for letting me narrate your process Jenn!!