Washington Capitals Baby Quilt

As promised, I have been quilting up a storm, and here's my second October finish!


This quilt is for our former debate coach and professor, who has just become a grandfather :)  He and his daughter are both big Caps fans (so much so that they were able to get us all tickets to the Blackhawks-Capitals Winter Classic last season), so I thought that this theme was pretty appropriate.  Even though it's not my team of choice, I'm really, really happy with how this turned out.


I don't usually post tutorials on how to actually quilt, but I was pretty dedicated to getting the rink layout correct and to scale.  This required a lot of squinting at google images of rink measurements and then doing fractions to get feet to inches and whatnot.  My big takeaways were that the metric system may have us on that one, and that I should really record this in case I (or anyone else) ever wants to make a scale hockey rink.  My quilt is 43" x 41".

All the measurements here are in centimeters.

All the measurements here are in centimeters.

And here's another close-up of my measurements.


One of the things that I like the best about this quilt is that it's (a little) 3-D.  Most of that is accomplished with buttons, but I also used actual netting for the goals, which turned out pretty darned well, if I do say so myself.


And the center ice logo is hand embroidered, with hand-painted stars on the red line.  I love that Hobby Lobby sells an "ice" fabric in both bright white and light blue - it's just a little bit of extra detail that I think brings everything together.


As with the Gone Fishing baby quilt, there are a lot of things that I really like about how this turned out.  Which is obviously not to say that I wouldn't do things differently, were I to do it again.  Specifically:

  • Most of the stars on the red line look good (I painted them on ribbon with an acrylic paint/fabric medium mixture when I couldn't find an appropriate substitute).  In a few cases, however, the paint has chipped off a little, and I'm not sure that it will stand up to repeated washings.  My guess is that this is more of a display quilt than a wash weekly quilt, so I'm hoping that it will be okay, but if I were to do it over, I would look harder for a printed ribbon substitute, rather than painting my own.
  • This is more of a time management thing, but I feel as if I've been actively working on this quilt forever.  And I have been.  It's one that took a lot longer because I picked it up and put it down so many times.
  • I think I would have considered the bird logo a little differently.  What I did was take the total height of the navy (approximately 22") and make a logo that maximized that height, cut it in half, and sewed it on.  I think that in retrospect, I would at least consider taking the total height of the quilt (~41"), making a logo that fit that height, and then appliqueing the ice rink on top of that (difference shown below).  Ultimately, I'm happy with what I did, based on the actual Caps logo and how it turned out, but I think that if it had been a different logo (so, for future reference), I would have gone with the second option.
Please excuse my PowerPoint image rendering.

Please excuse my PowerPoint image rendering.

Anyway, that's two down, and one more to go.  The last one has a fair bit of work left to do, but I'm still really hoping to finish it up by the end of October.  It's a little different, but I'm already tempted to keep it, and usually that doesn't happen until way, way later in the process.

And one last picture.


Interested in seeing more of my projects?

Work in Progress Wednesday: So Many Quilts, So Little Time

In a perfect world, this post would be about the progress that had been made on the Capitals quilt.  You know.  This one.


I mean, it's been weeks.  Three of them.  So much opportunity for progress, after all.  And yet, beyond neatly folding the rink up after photographing it, zero progress has been made.  

Which is not to say that nothing has been happening.  Three weeks ago, Troy and I went on the best second honeymoon ever - to Vancouver and Alaska.  Let me tell you, if you've never stepped on a plane on a 100 degree day with oppressive humidity and stepped off a plane in the 70 degree, no humidity Pacific Northwest, it's highly, highly rewarding.  Vancouver was the best (and if you'd like to read more about all that, I have a travel blog here).

See? Gorgeous.

See? Gorgeous.

So, anyway, we got home from Alaska/Vancouver last Tuesday, and then Wednesday I went to work, went to class, and went to Baltimore.  Because everything fun happens in Baltimore.  Seriously, though... I heart their DPW.  Thursday I flew back to Charlotte, so that Friday I could go to work and then fly to MA for my cousin's wedding (totally awesome).  

That brings us up to ... two days ago.  But, now I'm finally back home and back to crafting.  And by "back to crafting" I mean, I've started a new quilt!  Because my friend in Scotland is having a baby girl, and her baby shower (in the states) is in just two short weeks.  I do love a  good deadline.

I haven't made very much progress on this one yet, but here's a sneak peak.

Scotland Dresden

My plan is to do seven Dresden plates, styled as flags.  My friend and her husband are living in Scotland, so that was an obvious one.  She's American, and he's German, so those two will definitely make an appearance as well.  After that, you'll just have to wait and be surprised with the others (I may too... we'll see).  This was my first attempt at a Dresden plate, and I'm pretty excited with how the first one has turned out.

I have a bunch of time to work on this over the weekend, so my hope is that it will not make it to the next "Work in Progress Wednesday" post.  I have four other baby quilts that need to happen in the next two-three months, so checking them off is a pretty high priority at this point.

My next post will be wedding themed.  I did a lot of DIY for our wedding, and I feel like I learned a lot along the way, so first on that agenda is a tutorial for making fabric flowers (followed sometime after by a tutorial on making fabric flower bouquets... because that's helpful).

I obviously have pictures of my bouquet without my shoes.  But seriously... look at those shoes.

I obviously have pictures of my bouquet without my shoes.  But seriously... look at those shoes.

Work in Progress Wednesday: C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

I'll be the first to admit - this is not the first hockey-themed quilt that I thought I would make.  I mean, this was one of our engagement pictures, for crying out loud.

Not a Caps sweater to be seen.  HOWEVER.  One of our very dear friends and former professors is about to be a grandfather for the first time.  This is the same friend who was kind enough to share his kick-butt seats at the 2015 Winter Classic, so that we could see the Blackhawks face the Capitals in DC - certainly, a themed baby quilt was in order (and he doesn't know about my blog, so I don't even feel badly giving away the surprise!).  Given that our friend's daughter is also a huge Caps fan, I rejected going with the Maryland flag (which was a pretty significant contender, let me tell you) and opted for something a little cooler.

Capitals Quilt in Progress

I just finished doing the embroidery on the logo last night, and haven't pressed the "ice" yet.  Everything (except the buttons) is to scale for the Verizon Center - I'll probably do a blog later with all of those measurements, so that if anyone wants to do their own hockey rink quilt, they can skip the "fractions" and the "staring at Google images of modern NHL rink measurement" bits.  Not that I didn't totally have a blast with that one.

I still have to add the face-off circles, the trapezoid, cut the curved corners, and make the goals, but I feel like this is starting to come together.  One of my favorite parts is that the ice is actually a white-on-white "ice" fabric that Hobby Lobby sells (in a bunch of different colors).  

Because hockey rinks are 85' x 200', they're a less-than-ideal shape for baby quilts.  I plan to use navy fabric to make strips on the top and the bottom, with some as-yet-undetermined incorporation of the other Capitals logo (and maybe the baby's name).

What do you think?  Would Ovechkin want one for his firstborn?