Hawaiian Wall Hanging

So much for the home improvement updates.  They're coming.  I promise.  In other news, I finished a project that started right about two years ago.  Which is CRAZZZYYYY.


Mostly crazy because this hasn't been a project that sits far away from sight in an unfinished-objects box - it's been on my embroidery hoop, easily visible for basically the whole time.  And now I'm not looking at it anymore.  Weird.

When I started the project, my plan was to do an actual Hawaiian wall hanging, with hand applique and quilting.  What I found relatively quickly was that I wasn't any good at (and, let's be honest, haven't gotten much better) at hand applique. As it turns out, I like the idea of sitting with a big embroidery hoop a lot more than I like actually doing it. So, having made it to about the basting step in two years, I decided that a machine quilted Hawaiian wall hanging was better than no Hawaiian wall hanging, and moved forward.  It was not an agonizing decision.

This was started as a gift for a girlfriend, who, I am thrilled to report, has not changed her color scheme over the last two years :) She was a big fan, and I am a big fan of (briefly) having one fewer UFO - I obviously started a new project immediately upon returning home.