Lone Star Baby Quilt

... And this is the quilty interruption!  I was bound to get caught up on my time-sensitive-but-past-due quilting projects eventually, and that has finally happened!  This is for one of my girlfriends, who (somewhat) recently moved to Texas and had a daughter.


To make this quilt, I used this tutorial, which I found to be very helpful.  The only thing I would say is (and the tutorial says this pretty clearly too), if you make this, iron the heck out of this thing, after every single step.  I didn't have too many problems with bubbling or seams not lining up, and I attribute that to ridiculous amounts of ironing.

There's a lot that I really like about how this came out.  It's more precise sewing than I typically do, and I was more successful at sewing precisely than I have been in the past (I have a whole slew of UFOs where the next step is a whole bunch of hours of close collaboration with a seam ripper :).

This is also kinda different in that I typically use small patterns that read as solids, and the patterns in this quilt are a lot more active.

I also like how the back came out, and how the quilting looks on the back.

And here's another one that highlights the quilting a little more.

In terms of things I'd do differently, there isn't too much on this quilt.  I'm not great at nailing the "Y" seams, so those need some work in the future.  Also, I wish that the colors were just slightly less saturated.  I don't feel like the Lone Star is as defined as it might be.  

Finally, I usually do a lot of stitching in the ditch when quilting.  This time there was a lot more free motion quilting, which I used a pastel variegated thread for.  I liked how that looked on some of the lone star fabrics, but less on others, so in the future, I might just switch thread colors, rather than using the variegated thread.