Half Square Triangles are the Best Square Triangles

... And finishes never happen on Fridays.  These are my strongly held beliefs.

This past weekend, in addition to sanding the stairs and starting to stain, I finished up another baby quilt.  It's a lot of bold.


This quilt is for one of my coworkers (the last one having a baby in the office for a while), who is also our marketing director.  They don't know whether they're having a girl or a boy, and  I felt like the half square triangles and the color scheme fit my coworker's aesthetic well, and the other person in our marketing office agreed.

Overall, I like this quilt, but there are a few things that I would do differently, were I to do it again.  In terms of the strengths of the quilt, I love the color scheme, and I think that the binding is one of the best I've ever done (and now I feel like ironing can go back to being my least favorite part of the process).  I also really like the back of the quilt, and I like that my new labels came in and look awesome (not pictured).

Opportunities for improvement on the next quilt include:

  • Quilting in a straight line - The quilting on this is all stitch in the ditch, which makes straight lines kinda important for a half square triangle quilt.  There are a few areas where that didn't quite happen.
  • Precision - Some of the corners on the front are off by 1/8-1/4 of an inch.  Not very many of them (I caught and redid the worst offenders), but I had it in my head that for some of the smaller ones, the quilting would make them less noticeable.  What really happened was that the places that didn't quite line up made quilting in a straight line more challenging (see above).
  • Planning - I really like the back of the quilt.  That said, I wasn't thinking about the quilting process when I constructed the back, so none of the vertical lines on the back line up with the vertical lines on the front.  On the front, each triangle is quilted, with the exception of the two columns directly opposite the back.  For those, I quilted just the horizontal lines that lined up with the triangles on the back.  Not a big deal, and I think that it ended up working fine, but had I thought about it ahead of time, I probably would have designed it differently.

The other exciting part of this is that with the completion of this quilt, my backlog has dropped to only three baby quilts, and no new ones have been added in the last few months.  I feel like I have oodles of time (which the stair redo process will no doubt consume in full).

Thanks for looking!  Here are a few more pictures!

Back and Front