Work in Progress: Weekend Edition

Ever have one of those weekends where you feel like you work on stuff constantly and yet, at the end of it nothing is done?  Yeah, that was my weekend (except I did finally switch my license plate - that was a solid check in the box).  I made great progress on two big projects, but I was plagued by technology woes and the completionist in me is like "why did you take all that time to do homework?  Don't you know how many stairs you could have sanded in that 6 hours??"

But that brings me to project-the-first.  De-carpeting the stairs.


Note the cats, supervising the process.  They were super helpful.  Anyway,  the carpeting on our stairs was kinda gross, and we've been talking about not having carpeting on our stairs for a while, so I went ahead and removed it.

Other blogs suggested that this process takes 2.5-3.5 hours.  Maybe so, for normal stairs.  Our builder, apparently, wanted the carpet alone to be able to withstand attacks from the Death Star.  Seriously.  There were probably 30-40 staples on each side of each step (with the spindles) and another 20 or so on each riser and tread.  It did get faster when I had worked my way past the spindles, but all told, it still took darned close to 9 hours.

Luckily, the stairs underneath all the carpet are in pretty good shape (with a few long-ish cracks that will need to be filled in), and totally stainable.  We're still deciding exactly how we'll redo from here, but I'm pretty happy to have all the removal behind me, and I'll keep you posted as we go.

Project-the-second was intended to be putting together a quilt top for a colleague who is having a baby in T-4 weeks-ish.  Predictably, I was unable to finish the top, but I did make progress - here's a sneak peak!

Half square triangles are really the best square triangles.

Half square triangles are really the best square triangles.

It's going to be pretty bold.

That's all for now (because I also did not finish my homework)!  Anyone else played the stair redo game and have any advice?