Step Two

At this time last week, I was getting ready to leave work to meet my husband, do a walk-through, and close on our very first house (!!!) 

As he announced, we now own approximately 2.327 x 10 ^ -8 % of the Earth's land surface area and the dwelling built thereupon (pictured below).

Super, super cute. That was Step 1.

Step 2 was to create a blog, so that I can chronicle the compulsive level of crafting, DIY, and everything else that goes into turning said dwelling into a home. 

There will be a lot of it. As far as I'm concerned, this is a living laboratory for both the types of projects I normally do (sewing, cooking, glass etching, etc.) and those that are somewhat less familiar (furniture redos, painting, and anything else that needs done. We've been renting for years, and I finally feel like we have a place to play.

Stay tuned - it's all getting done.  And it's all going to be awesome.